Precision: Derwent Graphic

As much as I like experimenting with different kinds of graphite pencils, I didn’t want to buy more pencils for the sake of having more pencils.  When I decided to buy this set, I visited Derwent’s website first, to learn more about what these pencils are supposed to do.  After I did the research, I decided that they would be a good investment.  These pencils are supposed to be good for “expressive sketches and portraiture or more detailed illustrations.”  Made with the “finest graphite,” they create smooth lines.  They have “improved core strength,” so the points don’t break easily.  They have all the qualities to make precise strokes.  I knew that I wanted to start figure drawing so I thought that these kinds of pencils would be perfect for the job.  I was not disappointed.  These pencils allowed me to make a decent first attempt at figure drawing.  It’s a brave new world for me!


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