The Art of Convalescence: Derwent Onyx 

January is coming to an end.  Truthfully, I’m glad.  I’ve spent most of this month sick and injured, respectively.  The first half of this month I had the flu.  Just a few days after having completely recovered from the flu, I somehow managed to injure my back.  Though not a serious injury it has left me combating pain, daily.  

On Friday, after school, I went to one of my favorite coffee shops, so that I could eat something and take my pain medicine.  I often go to this coffee shop to draw, but because of my back injury, I hadn’t gone there in few days.  I hadn’t drawn for much of the week, by this point.  I decided, “No more.  It’s time to get back in the game.”  I realized that I shouldn’t wait to be 100% to start drawing again.  Convalescence had already begun.  I was well enough to work for eight hours, so I knew I was perfectly capable of drawing, as well.  

I searched for the drawing I had started working on but soon realized that it was in different book than the one I actually had with me.  I didn’t want to use untinted graphite on yellow paper but that’s what I had so that’s what I used.  I decided to take the opportunity to use a few of the new pencils that I had bought and I wasn’t disappointed!  These Derwent pencils are called “Onyx.”  I found them to be strong and durable.  While drawing this rose, I didn’t have to sharpen these pencils once! Maybe that’s why they’re called Onyx:-) 

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  1. lovely draw. get better soon. Is this part of a series?


    1. Thank you so much! It’s the beginning of series of roses that I will draw using these pencils.


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